‘Angelfish’ is a journey across the United States from East to West, from fear to freedom. The album opens with rusty love songs reminiscent of classic Americana folk and captures the heartbeat of rural Appalachia. 

As the territory extends into the western desert, the music opens its heart and seems to dance on oceanic cliffs. 

The final moments of the album echo earlier tracks yet flow freely and reconsider the present moment.


"Will leave anyone with a newfound lust for exploration"



" A wandering minstrel with a sparkle in his eye and a hook in his armoury...a personal concert for all comers."



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'Angelfish' by C. Burrows

Written crossing the United States on foot. Recorded in Michigan. Released November 1, 2017.


Written, Produced & Recorded by Chris Andrews  

 © 2017, all rights reserved